(Big vs. Smaller) Picture

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Life is sometimes confusing – an overwhelming void that you need to fill in. In this case, the void is not something dark, all-consuming and scary. Rather, a canvas. One that has infinite possibilities.

The primary focus on the bigger picture we intend to achieve can leave us empty, filled with anxiety and most often than not, overwhelmed. We begin to doubt our vision because things do not happen when we expect them to, and maybe even question whether this vision is possible or really meant for us.

But honestly speaking, this happens because we are focused on the wrong thing.

When we imagine the path we wish to follow, and the aspirations we have, we tend to think of the bigger picture. We envision the end goal, where we want to be but sadly we forget to look at the baby steps that we need to take to get us there.

Why is important to focus on smaller steps? 

  1. If we do not focus on the finer things that happen in our lives, we tend to become impatient and sometimes surrounded by a lot of anxiety. This most times than not leads one to make ill thought out judgement which inevitably lead to our downfalls.
  2. We sometime miss the value and significance of the journey we are on whilst we are busy focusing on the bigger picture.  You need to enjoy the process of all the work and effort you have directed towards the bigger picture. In other words, we let life pass us by.
  3. You become more focused and (de)cluttered in your vision. Things become clear, you become more aware of the path you are leading. You tend to focus on the things that connect us to our end goal
  4. Every small accomplishment, results in the motivation needed to carry on towards your bigger picture.

Ultimately, it is important to never forget the bigger picture but also to not neglect the smaller steps that are important to get us there.  Both go hand in hand, with fear of sounding reductionist, you cannot have one without the other.


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