From Letting go to Moving On

Losing someone is not easy. You go through a whole range of emotions; you ask your self questions you often cannot get the answers to. But what is most important is that it is not the end. We all experience it in different ways. For others, it seems like the pain is just another part […]

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Letter to my Father

This is a letter i wrote to my absent father. It was an emotional rollercoaster – now i just wait for the response. Dear Daniel I need you to know that before you read the rest of this letter, that I do not hate you. Yes, certain parts of this will read that way but […]

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(Big vs. Smaller) Picture

Life is sometimes confusing – an overwhelming void that you need to fill in. In this case, the void is not something dark, all-consuming and scary. Rather, a canvas. One that has infinite possibilities. The primary focus on the bigger picture we intend to achieve can leave us empty, filled with anxiety and most often than not, overwhelmed. We begin to doubt […]

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